Hi, I’m Erica. My life goal was once to be an artist (specifically, a ballerina) living “the dream” one hectic New York City day at a time. Instead, I’m a writer—which, to me, isn’t so far off: I’ve swapped movement as a medium for language, and stages for the always buzzing venue that is the internet. (Thanks for joining me on this metaphorical journey.)

Currently, I’m the assistant editor at Martha Stewart Living and Weddings. Before this, I worked a brief stint as a freelance EA at Prevention after spending six months as an editorial fellow at Washingtonian in DC. And before that, I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, where I studied political science, writing, and Spanish.

For more on me, go way back, check out my recent past, or see what I’m up to now. Or, get a snapshot by viewing my résumé.