Hi, I’m Erica. My life goal was once to be an artist (specifically, a ballerina) living “the dream” one hectic New York City day at a time. Instead, I’m a writer—which, to me, isn’t so far off: I’ve swapped movement as a medium for language, and stages for the always-buzzing venue that is the internet. (Thanks for joining me on this metaphorical journey.)

Currently, I’m the associate lifestyle editor at Well+Good, where I have my hands in a grab bag of content covering sleep, mindfulness, personality, astrology, sex & relationships, travel, finance, and more. Before this, I worked on the editorial teams at Martha Stewart Living and Weddings, Prevention, and Washingtonian in various capacities. And before that, I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, where I studied political science, writing, and Spanish.

For more on me, go way back, check out my recent past, or see what I’m up to now. Or, get a snapshot by viewing my résumé.